A Lot Like Love

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A Lot Like Love

Relationship? It’s Complicated. A perfect adaptation from the real-life relationship as you watch these movies. A romantic and love film mostly classy and stands on its own, but these films displayed a pleasant, not tried too hard movie and unique storyline. It is enjoyable and funny enough to be a Must Watch film for the romantic comedy genre.

Interesting Storyline

A lot like love is a romantic comedy film released in 2005. It is a fun, touching, and heartwarming movie that will grab your attention—a seven-year love story with many possibilities to tie a relationship not happening overnight. Started seven years back, When Oliver Martins saw Emily Friehl ended her relationship with her boyfriends in front of the Los Angeles airport, and they end up having sex in the airplane. They were together for one day when he meets her again during his trip to New York City. In his plan to “get his duck in a line,” Oliver believes he needs to build his life first before she found a girl who loves him. Emily’s response was sarcastic as she is not bound her life to live like that. He made a bet with Emily that everything will be as he wants, a job, a house, a nice car, and a future for the next six years. After spending one day together, they separated as the night comes. After three years, they meet again when other guys dump Emily before the new years, and she does not want to be alone. They had a lovely night together, kissing during the countdown before she knew Oliver would fly out to San Francisco to expand his business. He left his camera as a gift to Emily that night.

Two years later, Oliver becomes a successful entrepreneur in the diaper business. Things got better for his company, but his girlfriend ends up the relationship as he gets too dedicated to his job and not spending much time with her. With frustrated and disappointed feeling, he is coming back to Los Angeles and surprises Emily in front of her house. They spend a day together, traveling and spending a memorable moment as they capture their nude picture together artistically under the moonlight. But, again, they separated as he still insists on pursuing his dream. Little that he knew one year later, his company went bankrupt, and now he is back to nothing. One day, he went for a walk and found an art gallery with his romantic nude picture with Emily. That day, he knows Emily become a successful photographer and tried to win her heart back by singing in front of her house while playing guitar. Unfortunately, she already engaged with Ben. That moment keeps Emily thinking about the decision to marry Ben. Six months after that, she decided to leave his fiancé and continued her long-awaiting relationship with Oliver.

Cast Members

Nigel Cole directed this movie alongside top star lead by Ashton Kutcher (Oliver Martin), Amanda Peet (Emily Friehl). Ashton Kutcher was well-known for his outstanding performance in TV series and movie Two and a Half Men and No Strings Attached. Amanda Peet, an excellent actress. You might remember her from one of the Netflix Original Series, Dirty John. This movie is also known for other supporting roles such as Taryn Manning, Ali Larter, Aimee Garcia, etc.

Final Thought

“A lot like love” pointed out that the conflict in a relationship can be resolved as both lovebirds being honest about their feelings. This movie shared some insight about the long-distance relationship and how it will affect your real life. Trying to build a life is not an excuse for not having a relationship and fall in love. If you have a long-distance relationship right now, make sure to watch these movies to get some pointer that might help you—simple and straightforward film. Enjoy!

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