Bad Boys

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Bad Boys

Hollywood movie database is constantly growing. There are so many new movies constantly coming out each month that is almost impossible to watch them all and even less possible to enjoy them all. This is why we decided to review all of the movies, one by one, so we can allow you to make an informed decision about a movie. Bad Boys is a movie that’s filled with action. The chemistry of the lead actors is on point which makes the movie even better although there are some scenes of explosions that are completely unnecessary.

Cast Members

The two main roles in this movie are Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. They are accomplished actors with many successful movies behind them. The casting director really managed to hit the sweet spot when he cast these two actors for the roles because their chemistry on the movie is great and they work very well together.


The cast does a brilliant job of portraying the characters. Both actors are renowned ones and they do their job extremely well. Their performance when the cameras are rolling is just great and they will keep you entertained throughout the entire film. Acting-wise this movie is amazing and definitely worth your time.

Production Quality

The producers’ in general did a good job but there are some scenes with explosions that are a bit lackluster. The entire movie would be better off without them but it’s not a cause for concern. The action scenes can be of better quality and with more exciting angles but in all honesty they are quite good.

Script Analysis

The script is smartly written with a lot of humorous parts in it. The actors deliver it even better because they play so well together. It’s a well written script overall that will provide you with a lot of fun and interesting couple of hours.

Entertainment Value

Considering everything we just said it’s an extremely entertaining movie to see. You definitely won’t regret watching it especially if you’re an action fan. It’s a movie full of action, funny scenes and cleverly written script that will make you laugh at times. Your attention will be on the movie the entire time and you won’t want to blink because you won’t want to miss anything.


Overall it’s a movie that everyone should see. It’s well-made, cleverly written and the actors are just amazing on the big screen. Their chemistry is awesome and even though there are some scenes that don’t belong the overall product is worth your time.


The improvements would have to be in the filming of some scenes and removing others. There are a few scenes in the movie where an explosion happens that is disrupting the entire flow of the movie and some action scenes could be shot a little better.

Final Thoughts

A movie that will deliver on both action and comedy. It’s very entertaining to watch and will keep your attention for the entire length. The actors are amazing in portraying their roles. They also work great together too making this movie even better than the creators originally thought it would be. Of course there are some areas that might have been better but overall it’s a worthwhile movie to see if you’re looking for an action comedy.

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