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As the movie industry is getting bigger and bigger it’s harder and harder to watch all the movies that come out. That’s why we decided to review all the movies one by one and allow you to make a decision based on our assessment whether a movie is worth your time or not. Blade is an excellent action movie that is based on a comic book. It has some plot holes but if you’re looking for an action movie that has constant fights and fierce scenes this one will definitely deliver.

Cast Members

The lead role is a half-human half vampire that is on the side of the humans and hunts the vampires. He’s played by Wesley Snipes who is an excellent actor and this role suits him perfectly. He portrays the character to an amazing detail and manages to make it very likeable for the audience. The antagonist Frost is played by Stephen Dorff who also does a good job making the audience dislike him with the way he behaves which is the main point of the actor.


This role is great for Wesley and he does an amazing job playing Blade. The casting directors did an excellent job when they picked him for the role because he brings a great spark to it and contributes a lot to the movie. The rest of the actors are also good in their respective roles but Snipes is carrying the entire movie with his performance.

Production Quality

The producers’ really invested themselves in this movie. They did an excellent job with all the special effects and scenes. The director also did a great job on making this movie even greater that it was meant to be with the camera angles and fight scene shots. Considering today’s technology, the effects could be better but back then they did really good with what they had to work with.

Script Analysis

The script isn’t that great. There’s definitely room for improvements here but in essence, this is an action/fantasy/horror movie that is mostly based on fight scenes. For any action fan this wouldn’t matter while others that like some witty humor and clever lines among all the action may not like it a lot.

Entertainment Value

It’s a pretty good movie that offers huge entertainment value. People that like action and fantasy would enjoy it the most and get their money’s worth. There are some amazing camera shots and special effects that are extremely well executed which elevate this movie to a new level.


Overall it’s a movie that action and fantasy fans should see. Especially if you like vampire stories and lots of fierce action. Wesley Snipes has a great performance and the supporting actors are following in his lead. It’s a movie worth your time.


The improvements that could be made are in the script. It can definitely be cleverer and with more humor in between all the action but considering the plot and point of the movie it’s on point and delivers great action scenes.

Final Thoughts

A movie that isn’t for everyone but action fans would love it. It’s filled with thrill scenes and awesome fighting choreographies. It provides entertainment to the audience that enjoys fantasy action movies. It’s quite interesting for those who are new to the genre as well. It has some flaws in the script and the effects could be better considering the technology we have today but overall it’s a movie that will be fun to watch.

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