Face Off

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Face Off

The entertainment industry is constantly expanding and more and more movies are coming out by the minute which makes it very hard to keep track of them all and even harder to see them all. This is why we decided to review all of them so you can make an easier decision about which movie to see and which one to skip. Face off is a movie that will is extremely entertaining if you’re a fan of action movies. It has some sci-fi moments and it takes place in Los Angeles. It’s very well filmed and has amazing action scenes while the entire premise is a bit different than most movies of this era.

Cast Members

The two main roles in this movie are actually renowned actors. They are both great at what they do and they bring an entire new level of excitement to this picture. Both John Travolta and Nicholas Cage are doing an amazing job in this movie. They are both accomplished actors and among the best in the industry. The director is John Woo who managed to shot a very entertaining movie.


As it’s expected of them, the two lead actors are playing out of their minds in this movie. Their performance is very entertaining and it manages to keep the viewer exciting almost the entire time. The actresses, even though they aren’t leads in this movie, they are doing a great job of portraying the characters assigned to them.

Production Quality

The producers’ did an excellent job with this one. The entire movie is actually ahead of its time because it introduces some elements of face transplants that aren’t really possible. The scenes are shot in awesome angles and even though it can be shot a bit better. However, any action aficionado will enjoy the quality of the production.

Script Analysis

The script is quite slick at times and offers the viewer what it should, a lot of fun and excitement. It’s cleverly written and it would keep you entertained for the entire duration of the film. The writers did quite well on their part and really delivered a quality piece of work.

Entertainment Value

Considering everything the movie is worth watching, especially if you’re an action fan. There are some flaws that nitpickers will find while watching the movie but overall it has great entertainment value and watching these two actors give life to the characters is very interesting. It will surely take your attention and the beginning and won’t let it go till the very end.


Overall it’s a movie that is worth your time. It’s not too long and doesn’t drag on as many movies can. It starts and ends with a bang and it will constantly keep you intrigued and on your toes, not knowing what’s going to happen next.


The improvements would have to be in the filming and camera angles as many action scenes aren’t very innovative. They aren’t bad but they seem to lack some spark that feels like it can be improved.

Final Thoughts

An incredible movie that will grab your attention and keep it throughout the entire length, especially if you’re an action fan. Both main actors are amazing and portray the characters exactly as they should. The entire movie production quality is good but there is some room for improvements in the camera angles and the final edit of the action-packed scenes. It provides great entertainment to the audience which is why it’s highly recommended.

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