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You see it! You better believe it!. An outstanding performance by an eleven years old actress would make your heart flutters. It is hard not to cry while watching these movies. The writer manages to come out with the best storyline ever. You are going to feel everything as you watch these movies. Love, hate, anger, sadness, disgust, happiness, you name it! You will have all that feeling coming across you when you watch these movies. As the title stand, “Gifted.” This film is a gift for us.

Cast Members

“Gifted.” released in 2017, an American film directed by Marc Webb, starring by the famous Chris Evans (Frank Adler), Mckenna Grace (Mary Adler), Lindsay Duncan (Evelyn), and Octavia Spencer (Roberta Taylor). Mary Adler, A first-grade genius child prodigy, caught in a custody battle between her uncle, Frank Adler, and grandmother Evelyn. The genius trait was flowing along with this family. A grandmother is a mathematician, an uncle who is an associate professor in philosophy before becoming a boat repairer, a mother who is almost a Nobel price winner but end up suicidal.

Interesting Story Line

The battle between those two ends up with Mary Adler being with the foster parent. Evelyn tried to raise the child as she did to her first daughter, Diane Adler, by directing her to do what she does best: mathematics. She did not realize that she’s been too brutal with her daughter even after her daughter’s death. She’s been blind by egos to succeed, trying to make her daughter the next solver of the Millenium Problem, alongside the famous mathematician who solves the most complex equation that changes humanity’s history. Evelyn thinks that Diane cannot solve Navier-Stokes Existence and Smoothness equation before she died. The only reason Evelyn wanted to take full custody of Mary Adler is that she wants her to finish her mother’s job.

Plot Twist

Before Diane took her own life, she trusted her brother Frank to take care of her daughter. She wants her daughter to have a normal life as a kid like having a friend, joining scout members, play sports, just like ordinary kids. Frank realizes that Mary Adler is not normal, but he does not want her to end up like his sister. He tried to raise her the best possible by sending her to the standard school, which academic curriculum does not fit her intelligence. Frank kept a secret about Diane’s deathbed wishes to hide the thesis that solves the Navier-Stokes problem from their mother. At the end of these movies, he used it to save Mary Adler from becoming tools for Evelyn madness.

Final Thoughts

You will always remember the special bond that linked Frank and Mary liked fathers and daughters. You might see Chris Evan as heroes in a fiction movie, but this time he acts as a real hero in real life. The standout performance of those two will make it worth your while. Some might say this movie is genuinely heartwarming and cliched. The truth is, it is a masterpiece, a Must-Watch film of all time. “Gifted” is a gift!.

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