Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

One of the largest industries that is constantly getting larger is the movie industry and it’s almost impossible for anyone to watch all the movies there are. This is why we decided to take on this challenge. We will watch all the movies for you and review all of them one by one so you can decide if a movie is worth your time or not based on our review. Great Expectations is a drama movie in which a young man played by Ethan Hawke is going through the era where he’s earning his manhood. It’s a movie that has sexual scenes and R rater language.

Cast Members

The lead role is played by Ethan Hawke who does an excellent job portraying the character. Gwyneth Paltrow is also amazing in her role as the lead actress while all the other cast members are great at complimenting each other and supporting the lead actor.


The performance of the cast is on point. They are doing an excellent job portraying the characters and play out this drama to a point where it makes you feel different emotions.

Production Quality

The production quality is decent although it seems like it could have been better from today’s point of view. Overall it’s all pretty good but there might be some room for improvements in this department.

Script Analysis

The script is pretty good but there are moments where it feels a bit lackluster. There is definitely some room for improvement here and there are some unnecessary parts that could make the movie shorter and more entertaining.

Entertainment Value

This movie entertaining enough that people who like dramas will enjoy it. It could be shorter which would make it more entertaining because some scenes are extra and don’t really contribute much to the story and also some conversations make it a bit bland.


Overall it’s a movie that would entertain any drama lover. Ethan is excellent in his role and both him and Gwyneth are able to bring an array of emotions to the audience. Regardless of the production and the long script the movie is definitely worth watching.


The improvements that could be made are in the script and production quality. There is definitely room for shortening the movie so it’s more engaging and entertaining. There are parts of it that make you lose track of everything and your attention kind of wonders.

Final Thoughts

A movie that is worth seeing if you’re a fan of dramas. It’s a decent drama movie that will stir up your emotions and keep you interested for the most part. Although it has some flaws and it can be much better if some adjustments are made, it provides with a good-enough entertainment value that will keep you interested.

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