Hidden Figures

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Hidden Figures

Racism. No matter 1000 times, we watched these movies. The first thing eyes only capture is racial and gender discrimination. 18 times the “colored” word shown in this movie makes us believed that this movie is about racism. Yup, it’s true. Eighteen times its been revealed to us, almost blurred the fact that three “Hidden Figure” changes humanity’s perception.

Hidden Figures movies were release in 2016, an American biographical film, one of the best films directed by Theodore Melfi. This movie tells us that we should see beyond our imagination. Challenge yourself, and be who you are supposed to be. But generally, this movie is just about the US trying to compete with Russian in 1961 to build a spaceship that can bring the astronauts to space. The only reason they are struggling to achieve that goal is that the problem comes from society itself. They made the problem. But they do not see it as their egos blind them.

The three main actresses, Taraji P. Henson (Katherine Johnson), Janelle Monae (Mary Jackson), and Octavia Spencer (Dorothy Vaughn), have successfully immersed themselves in the role and bring us the beauty of the movies. We can see how the character grows from zero to hero. They are already experts in their field, but because of the perception of colored. They are holding themselves.

Despite being segregated by race and sex from society, all three manage to come out and be what they are supposed to be. Katherine Johnson, who initially worked as a human-computer, becomes the most important person as she manages to solve the most challenging problem that holds the NASA team’s progress. Even though the head engineer, Paul Stafford, by Jim Parsons, always gets on her nerve. She made the impossible. I mean, How would you work if you cannot see the data you are supposed to see?. It’s ridiculous. But she did it. The outburst of Katherine opens the eyes of Al Harrison (Kevin Costner), the Director of The Space Task Group. He knew what happens around him; he saw it every day, but he did not open his eyes wide enough. Katherine’s action has made changes that days. One obstacle has been removed. The bathroom problem showed them; they have the opportunity to make things right.

Mary Jackson brings the character of a confident woman, quite the opposite of Katherine’s character. She is a brilliant human-computer that have a mind of an engineer and cannot pursue becoming an engineer because of technicality. Despite having a mathematics and physical science degree, she needs to have advanced extension courses that are only available at Hampton High School, an all-white school that she cannot attend. “Every time we have a chance to get ahead, they move the finish line.” This line makes me laugh. It’s like try catching a shadow. She filed a petition at the court to get permission to attend courses and managed to convince the judges of the importance of being the first, and she did it. Being the first negro woman to participate in a night class at an-all white school, Hampton High School. You want it; you got it!.

As for Dorothy Vaugh, we can call her the late bloomers. For me, she is the most crucial character for these movies. She’s like the glue that holds everything together. The moment she’s proposed to bring everyone from the West Area Computer Division when she was offered as the supervisor for IBM is impressive. She continues her job as an unofficial supervisor, even though she knew she didn’t have to do it, as they did not pay her. That division needs a leader, and she acts as she can. When she found out that a machine will make human-computer jobless, she trains herself and brings everyone together. It’s wonderful.

Overall, these movies captured the heart of a thousand viewers. Gaining $236 million from Box Office, and the budget to make it is $25 million. You can see the differences there, and it shows that this movie is a complete success. Hidden Figure is a Must-Watched movie to gain inspiration; an untold story of the three “Hidden Figures” can only be revealed if you watch it!.

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