Kingdom of Heaven

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Kingdom of Heaven

“Speak the truth even it leads to your death.” An epic battle between two kingdoms fights to expand the empire in the twelfth century! The charm and leadership of a great knight will make you feel inspired. Ridley Scott deserves all the credit as he succeeds in creating something different in the film industry. Combining the elements of a religious war between Christian and Muslim, the best effect feature, and a great storyline will indeed surpass the other epic movie.

Interesting Storyline

The Kingdom of Heaven is an epic historical film that takes place in the twelfth century. A story of a young blacksmith, Balian, lost his wife and tried to redeem himself of sin in the Holy City of Jerusalem, becoming one the greatest knight ever seen in history. The knight lives by the code, and they stand firmly holding that code. Balian is keeping the trust of his father in becoming a “perfect knight.” After becoming his father’s heir, he is responsible for maintaining the relationship between Christian and Muslims in Jerusalem and avoid war. The King of Jerusalem, King Baldwin, saw Balian’s quality to become the next successor and offered him to marry Sibylla (his sister), but he refused.  Muslim empire is considered the strongest in that era, and avoiding conflict with them is their priority. However, the battle between Christian and Muslims cannot be avoided because one of the crusaders killed the King sister. Balian advised the King that they could not win the war, but the King insisted they would go to war without Balian troops and lose badly. Hundreds of thousands of warrior deaths at that battle, and Balian knew the Muslim was going after their last defends, as he decided to protect the city of Jerusalem till his last breath.

“Be without fear in the face of your enemies, Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong.” The speech from a perfect knight before going to war. The war was going on for a couple of days, and King Saladin was impressed with how brilliant Balian protected the Holy city. King Saladin proposes negotiating; he will leave all the Christian alive, and Balian needs to surrender Jerusalem. Balian agreed with the term. The Christian leaves the city in peace, and Balian starts a new life with the queen, as she decided to be with him. The news of Balian protected the holy city reached the King of England, as they also plan on conquering the Holy City. They offered Balian to join them, but he refused. England loses the battle against Saladin’s army. Respect and honor between Muslims and Christian saw at the end of this movie.

Cast Member

This movie star Orlando Bloom (Balian), Liam Nelson (Godfrey), Eva Green (Sibylla), Ghassan Massoud (King Saladin), Marton Csokas (Guy de Lusignan), and Edward Norton (King Baldwin) gave an outstanding performance throughout these films. Remarkable acting by Orlando Bloom awarded him with EFA People’s Choice Award (Best European Actor).

Final Thought

Rated R for intense violence and epic warfare films! 144 minutes of your time will be valuable. The Kingdom of Heaven is a story of honor that will inspire you. The battle scene will make you speechless. Recipient of Hollywood Film Award Winner in 2005 is not a shock! Watch it!

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