Little Women

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Little Women

No words can describe a novelist’s mind and a successful director who manages to bring the originality and classy love stories with impeccable truth about gender discrimination. The first novel publication of “Little Women” is in 1868 by an American novelist, short story writer, and poet, Louisa May Alcott. One hundred fifty years later, her stories are still alive and loved by all generations. She is a legend and proves the power of words can last longer and much more meaningful. In 2019, an actress and filmmaker, Greta Gerwig, brings a new life in adapting that novel for the screenplay.

Interesting Storyline

“Little Women” is a story about a woman who needs to survive in the shallowness mentality; women cannot survive without love or man unless she is rich. Gender discrimination towards women is a sad-but-truth fact that they need to accept that century. These stories follow four March sisters, Meg, Jo, Amy, and Beth, who dream of becoming an actress, writer, painter, and pianist. Meg married a penniless tutor, John, as they fell in love when they first met at Laurie’s house. Initially, Jo’s against this married because she could not accept the fact the Meg will leave them, but she agreed at last since Meg succeeded in convincing her she would gain happiness. Jo March is a dedicated writer whose willing to give everything to get a story published by Mr. Dashwood, an editor from a newspaper. Mr. Dashwood is a man responsible for publishing her famous “Little Women” novel as they both agreed on the copyright and royalties term at the end of these movies.

The unforgettable moment is when Amy burned Jo’s favorite manuscript as an act of revenge when Jo’s did not bring her to the theatre. Jo is furious for days as she knows it and even tried to get even by not giving a warning about the thin ice in the middle of the lake, which leads to Amy’s near-death event during ice skating. When in a passion, she can be savage and hurt anyone and might enjoy it. In life or love, Amy March believes she is always second to Jo. Before Aunt March makes up her mind to bring Amy to Europe, she asks Jo’s first. Laurie’s confessed his love to Amy after Jo’s refused to accept his feeling. Amy thinks having talent in painting is not a genius, and there is no amount of energy can make it so. She only believes marrying a rich guy can help her life and get out of being poor because it is something that she needed too, not because she wants it. Beth is a pianist and Jo’s favorite sister as they always together. She has a different character compared to others. When Marmee visits his husband, She took care of the poor Hummel’s family, which causes her contacted with scarlet fever. These stories reached its limit and made us mourn when Beth dies. An unexpected ending from Beth characters as she is considered as the best amongst them. But do not worry! These films have a happy ending that can ease everyone. Jo’s ends up marrying a professor and have a romantic moment kissing under the umbrella. She opened a school for children, and all of them become the teacher. “Little Women” gives us quite an ending in this movie as they manage to turn a negative mentality about women and create their victory.

Cast Member

This movie starred Saoirse Ronan (Jo, Josephine March), Emma Watson (Meg, Margaret March), Florence Pugh (Amy March), and Eliza Scanlen (Beth, Elizabeth March) as the four March, sister. Timothee Chalamet (Laurie, Theodore Laurence), Laura Dern (Marmee March), as their mother, Meryl Streep (Aunt March). An outstanding performance by the actress and actor to this legendary novel.

Success Rate

The storyline directed by Gerwig is terrific. She manages to overlay the past and present scene smoothly, leaving a minimum amount of thinking to the audience. We already know the novel is a triumph, and to create films that can bring to that level of success is outstanding. It is not a surprise as the film granted an Oscar Academy Awards (2019) in Best Achievement in Costume Design and nominee for the Best Motion Picture of the Year. Recently in 2020, they win BAFTA Film Award (Best Costume Design), AACTA International Awards (Best Lead Actress), and AFI Award (Movie of the Year).

Final Thought

Little Women (2019) well worth your 135 minutes as it will bring you to the beauty of life in the 1800s. With a budget of $40million against Box office collection of $216.9 million, this movie is a huge success. An inspiring, classic, Must Watch films of all times for you to see in this millennia. “Little Women” is not only about you. It is about us! A truly timeless masterpiece.

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