Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

In an ever-growing movie industry, it’s very hard to watch all the movies that exist and keep up with the new ones that are still coming out each year. This is why we decided to review all the movies, one by one, and help you decide if it’s something you’d enjoy watching or you should pass on it and go to the next one. Once Upon A Time in Hollywood is a movie that takes place in the city of angels in the 60s. It has amazing sunsets which are accompanied by a lot of humor, music and many fun scenes.

Cast Members

The cast member as well as the director of this amazing movie is packed with great actors. It’s a movie by Quentin Tarantino and the lead role is played by Leonardo DiCaprio while the supporting male character in this movie is Brad Pitt. The movie also casts Kurt Russell and Margot Robbie which are also amazing at their job. Just seeing the cast would make you want to watch this movie because all of the actors and actresses are extremely talented and accomplished.


The actors and actresses performance are absolutely brilliant which is expected of a cast like this. Even though it’s expected it still surprises to some point because all the actors are delivering much more than they usually do. Even some of the actors who have minor roles like Kurt Russell and Al Pacino are giving in their best to make this movie entertaining.

Production Quality

The production quality is on point and delivers great value. The producers’ and director perfectly portrayed the golden 1960s in the Hollywood filmmaking industry and even though there are some moments of fiction in the movie, it’s mostly based on a true story.

Script Analysis

The script is pretty good but there are some scenes that aren’t contributing to the main storyline and are unnecessary. Some parts are just too much and the movie would probably be more digestible without them which is the only flaw of this picture.

Entertainment Value

It’s definitely worth watching because it will keep you entertained for the most part. As we mentioned already, there are some unnecessary scenes that wouldn’t change the scenario at all if they weren’t in the movie. The actors are playing their roles perfectly which is what makes this movie very entertaining and keeps the attention of the audience.


Overall it’s a movie that you should see. If you haven’t seen a Tarantino movie yet, this one might be the one to start and figure out if you love his movies or just can’t stand them. It provides great entertainment value and you will surely enjoy watching this brilliant cast do some of their best work on the big screen.


The improvements would have to be in the parts of the script that aren’t contributing to the original story. Cutting them out would shorten the film and it would help the audience hold their attention and live the story the director is trying to tell.

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