Pretty Woman

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Pretty Woman

In the modern world, new movies are released every day. In our desire to catch up with current trends, we often forget that new isn’t always better and some of the best films have already been created. That is why Beverly Hills Magazine wants to draw your attention towards the classic example of a romantic comedy which is called “Pretty Woman”. (The Image Credit: The Movie Database)

Cast Members

One of the main reasons for the success of this movie is an undeniable chemistry between Edward, played by Richard Gere (Chicago, Shall We Dance, An Officer, and a Gentleman), and Vivian, played by Julia Roberts (Erin Brockovich, My Best Friend’s Wedding, Eat Pray Love).

Other memorable actors of “Pretty Woman” include Jason Alexander (Seinfeld, Listen Up) and Laura San Giacomo (Quigley Down Under, Just Shoot Me!) whose roles were essential to understanding character arcs of Edward and Vivian.


Julia Roberts and Richard Gere present an incredible duet full of passion and tenderness at the same time. These actors were so incredible together on screen that in 1999 Richard Gere and Julia Roberts played the role of a couple again for a movie “Runaway Bride”. However, this is not the only chemistry worth mentioning in the movie. The friendship between Vivian and Kit has also been portrayed in a great way, their relationships are funny but still deep and sincere when it comes to serious situations and that is thanks to professional performances by both Roberts and San Giacomo.

Script Analysis

When we are young, we are used to hearing fairy tales where a prince saves a wonderful girl from a villain. The script of this movie is an interpretation of such fairy tales and it is brilliantly highlighted with many details throughout the film. There is no obvious villain in Vivian’s story, however, there are some bad people and difficult life circumstances. From the very beginning, the movie shows us that Vivian is a kind soul who deserves to be happy. Then “the prince” comes into the story. Edward recognizes how special Vivian is and he tries to help her. As in any classic fairytale, they face obstacles, but their love overcomes them all.

Production Quality

Most romantic comedies do not have any special effects or complex decorations. Therefore, it is especially important to ensure that every detail is dedicated to a certain purpose in the movie. This film does it perfectly by creating a contrast between the scenes where Vivian and Edward are together and happy and the scenes when there are some issues in their relationships. Even though the costumes and the overall image of the characters are simple, they reflect the inner state of the characters.

Entertainment Value

Pretty Woman” is a romantic comedy and is completely dedicated to its genre. It shows romantic relationships in a serious manner while creating a light and funny atmosphere for a viewer. A lot of people rewatch this film regularly and they are right to do so. The movie contains well-written dialogs and characters both of which have withstood the test time.


This movie is already deeply beloved by millions of people all over the world. Actors’ performance and the script made sure that “Pretty Woman” will forever be in every list of best romantic comedies. The character of Vivian is especially relatable nowadays as she is a strong and independent woman who has certain boundaries for herself and the others. She lets Edward rescue her from a difficult situation, but we know that he needs her just as much as she needs him.


One of the things that could improve that movie is showing more of Vivian’s and Edward’s lives before they met each other. In our opinion, it could deepen their characters as well as to highlight how meeting each other changed both of their lives.

Final Thoughts

This movie is worth seeing. Even though the story of “Pretty Woman” is not original, this film masterly plays with the standards of the genre making us appreciate the art of creating a high-quality romantic comedy.

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