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In an industry that is growing non-stop, it’s almost impossible to watch all the movies that are coming out. This is why we decided to go through all the movies and write reviews for them making sure that you can make a decision whether a movie is worth your time or not. Speed is an amazing movie that is full of tense and energetic scenes. It’s a thriller in which the actors and actresses are doing some of their best work on the big screen. It’s extremely entertaining and definitely a movie you should take a look at.

Cast Members

The cast in this movie is very on point. Great picks by the casting director because the actors and actresses are incredible. They elevate this movie to a much higher point. The cast members are working well together to deliver an awesome piece of film to the audience.


The actors and actresses performance is one of the best features of this movie. They are playing their roles perfectly and portray the characters just right to deliver a very entertaining film to the audience. They are very talented so it’s expected of them but still great to see that they deliver awesome performances.

Production Quality

The producers’ were also able to do a great job. The entire movie is well-produced without any critical flaws here. There are exciting action scenes that are great and make this movie thrilling. The chemistry between Sandra and Keanu is also amazing in their scenes.

Script Analysis

The script is just fantastic. Definitely one of the best scripts that doesn’t have much out of place. It’s a writers masterpiece because it has all the elements a movie like this should have.

Entertainment Value

A movie that will keep you on your toes for the entire duration. It’s so well edited and written that you’ll anticipate it to end in a few different moments. It’s one of the best movie of this time and provides great value especially to people who like thriller and action movies.


Overall it’s a movie that must be seen. It would entertain everyone with its great edit, talented cast who plays out of their minds and interesting plot. It’s an action movie that is a true masterpiece and definitely worth seeing.


I couldn’t find any points in this movie that needed improvements. It honestly delivers in all areas. Maybe if we take into consideration that the technology today is much more developed, the special effects could be better but even then it holds up just fine.

Final Thoughts

A movie that is extremely fun to watch and would keep your attention for the entire duration. It’s thrilling, cleverly written, masterfully directed and the actors and actresses are doing their best work. There aren’t any big flaws in any areas and its entertainment value is huge. It will keep you interested for the entire 2 hours and you’ll constantly wonder how it’s going to end.

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