The Matrix

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The Matrix

Each film serves a specific purpose. Sci-fi movies are dedicated to making people wonder about alternative realities and the future and when the action genre is added to the mix, the movie becomes more dynamic and breathtaking.  That is exactly the case for the classic example of an action sci-fi film, “The Matrix”, which Beverly Hills Magazine gladly presents to your attention today (The Image Credit: The Movie Database)

Cast Members

The cast of “The Matrix” is a talented group of actors who had many successful projects before and after the movie. The main character is played by Keanu Reeves (Speed, Point Break, John Wick) who is beloved by audiences all over the world and even though he doesn’t give interviews too often, he is generally perceived as a respectful and down-to-earth person to his fans and interviewers. Laurence Fishburne (Contagion, Mystic River) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Memento, Fido) are also playing major roles in this film.


Neo, played by Keanu Reeves, has become one of the most iconic characters of the sci-fi genre and the reason for this is an outstanding performance by Reeves. Of course, another reason is a great script, but the charisma of Keanu Reeves makes Neo seem like a real person, not just a superhero-like character in a movie. His co-star, Laurance Fishburne, has also presented his role of Morpheus in the most exciting way where the viewer is intrigued and thrilled to see what is going to happen next. However, it is impossible to speak about the incredible cast performances without mentioning the portrayal of relationships between Neo and Trinity. Reeves and Moss were able to show such a breathtaking connection between their characters that people are still making fan videos and writing fanfiction about them.

Script Analysis

The plot of “The Matrix” is one of the most thought-provoking stories told in films and it’s hard to discuss it without giving anything away, but we will try. Questions that are asked by the characters and stated in situations of this movie are philosophical and meaningful and they make you wonder if everything we know is true or not. The storytelling in “The Matrix” is designed to make a viewer doubt themselves while still being entertaining and exciting. The dialogs are brilliantly written which is proven by the fact that people are still quoting the movie, even after more than 20 years after it has been released.

Production Quality

Many fans say that production quality is one of the best things about “The Matrix”. The creators of this movie, The Wachowski, have made many revolutionary decisions regarding special effects, camera work and many other aspects of this movie.  Any viewer can see that this film was created by people who had both an immense amount of passion for this project as well as a great deal of professionalism.

Entertainment Value

As any action movie “The Matrix” is expected to be highly entertaining for its audience and this film meets those expectations with flying colors. However, “The Matrix” isn’t just a good action movie.  This film has all the necessary components for being a cinematic classic such as great acting, exciting scenery, compelling story and a talented film crew.


The Matrix” is a high-quality piece of cinematic art which deserves to be seen and discussed by people from any generations and paths of life. This movie is very human as it makes the viewer feel, think and wonder. It was done by professionals and it is seen in every detail of the film.


When “The Matrix” was released it felt like a breath of fresh air giving the viewers something new and daring. However, when a modern audience is presented with this movie, it doesn’t seem as revolutionary as it really was. People are used to special effects now, so they pay more attention to the plot. Even though the storytelling is excellent, sometimes it feels like it could have been braver and that there are a couple of missed opportunities in terms of the development of Morpheus’ character as well as the world-building in this movie.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, we will gladly recommend this film to you. The story is still relevant to our modern-day life as the movie poses many important questions concerning such things as the place of a human in the world, the importance of reality, how we define love and many other aspects of our lives. If you like when a movie goes deep into your heart and soul, we really think you would enjoy watching “The Matrix”.

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