Top Gun

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Top Gun

The choice of movies out there is vast which is why we decided to go through them one by one and asses them to allow you to make a decision whether that particular movie is something you’d watch or not. Top Gun is a classic movie that has some of the most impressive aerial shots of all times. It’s packed with a lot of action scenes that are going to keep you entertained to the very end if you’re an action movie fan. Tom Cruise really does a good job in the lead role bringing this movie even higher than it already is. (Image Credit:

Cast Members

The director Tony Scott managed to make a classic movie that is extremely entertaining. He got a great cast behind him with Tom Cruise in the lead role of “Maverick”, Val Kilmer as “Iceman” and Kelly McGillis as “Charlie”. The casting director really managed to hit the mark for this movie because all of the actors are great for the roles they were picked.


The actors are doing an amazing job of holding the attention of the audience and are able to portray the characters they are playing perfectly. However, the romance part of the movie feels a bit lackluster. The chemistry isn’t tremendous between Tom and Kelly and even though the entire story is interesting it seems like it could’ve been a bit better. That aside, the other part of the movie really delivers in being entertaining and keeping you on your feet with its unpredictability and amazing aerial scenes.

Production Quality

The producers’ Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson did an excellent job on this movie. The quality in which every scene is executed is amazing. The aerial scenes are a real challenge to get done right because it’s often hard for the audience to follow all the spins and might lose a sense of direction. The scenes in this movie aren’t hard to follow at all which means they were done to perfection.

Script Analysis

The script is also pretty well written. Most of the conversations were on point and kept the attention of the audience. The only part where it’s lacking a bit is the story between Maverick and Charlie and their entire love story because that’s the only thing that didn’t feel awesome in the movie.

Entertainment Value

As one of the classics this movie has a great entertainment value. The entire plot is extremely fun and constantly keeps your attention. The aerial scenes and multiple camera angles that the director uses are brilliant and the overall performance of the actors is great. Tom Cruise’s performance and charisma when portraying the role really comes into play as well because he’s an amazing actor that adds a lot to the entire movie.


Overall it’s a movie worth watching because of how well it’s made and how good the cast is. It will provide you with a lot of entertainment and some of the scenes will leave you speechless because of how well they are filmed and put together.


The improvements would have to be in the romance parts of the movie. The chemistry between the actors isn’t on point and that’s the only part of the movie that feels a bit forced.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this movie is a winner. The cast synergy is perfect. The script produced and effortless connection between the cast, with a very interesting storyline. The production was excellent, and makes for a quality, entertaining flick for anyone to enjoy.

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