What Dreams May Come

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What Dreams May Come

New movies are coming out every year and they are so many that it’s almost impossible to watch them all one by one. This is why we decided to this for you and write reviews of all the movies there are so you can make an educated decision whether a movie is worth your time or not. What Dreams May Come movie in particular starring one of the best comedy actors of all times Robin Williams is an interesting story about the afterlife. It’s a romantic drama and fantasy that is quite interesting to watch and will entertain you for the entire duration.

Cast Members

The lead role is played by Robin Williams, one of the best actors of his time. The supporting role in the movie is Cuba Gooding Jr. who is also very good at what he does. The entire cast is actually very talented and deliver an excellent performance.


The performance of all the actors is quite entertaining as they work well together. Robin Williams is especially good at portraying the character as he delivers an amazing performance that will make you emotional and keep you focused at all times.

Production Quality

The entire production can be better considering the technology we have available today. It’s not entirely bad but there are some CGI scenes that could be of better quality which would elevate this movie.

Script Analysis

The script is well-written and Robin Williams really puts his mark on it with his acting prowess. As the lead role, he’s doing a great job at bringing it to life and improving it with his performance.

Entertainment Value

This movie provides quite the entertainment value. If you like fantasy combined with drama and romance it’s a perfect movie for you. The cast is doing a great job of keeping you intrigued for the full duration and you’ll really get some good vibes out of it.


Overall it’s a great movie and you’ll especially love it if you like romance. It stirs up your emotions and keeps you at the edge of your seat all the time. Although the production can be better and the CGI can be improved it’s a movie that you would enjoy watching.


The improvements that could be made are with the special effects and CGI in the movie. The rest of it is all good but if the production quality was better this movie would be ranked much higher than it is.

Final Thoughts

A movie that you would enjoy if you’re a romance fan. It’s a drama combined with elements of fantasy that provides excellent entertainment value for the entire duration. Robin is amazing in portraying the character and Cuba is performing great as a secondary role. The production could be better, especially the special effect parts.

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