What Maisie Knew

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What Maisie Knew

OMG!. What is wrong with this family?!. You will be furious, mad, confused, and you might also think, Is this real?. Is this happening in real life? If so, we should do something about it—poor little kids. You have been through so much and did not deserve all this. This film is a modern adaptation of a short story novel “What Maisie Knew,” written by Henry James in 1897. The thing that can be guaranteed is, there is no answer to What Maisie Knew in her heart.

Scott McGehee directed “What Maisie Knew” in 2012 alongside the best actor and actress, Julianne Moore (Susanna), Onata Aprile (Maisie), Alexander Skarsgard (Lincoln), Joanna Vanderham (Margo), and Steve Coogan (Beale). The storyline is fantastic, written by Carrol Cartwright and Nancy Doyne. They managed to get everything mixed up but leaves a sentimental and memorable feeling.

This film is a story of a young girl Maisie, who becomes the victim of two selfish parents, Susanna and Beale. Susanna is a musician, and Beale is an art dealer. Both of them are too dedicated to their career and often neglecting their child. After their divorce, Beale married to their nanny, Margo, which is very unlikely. When Susanna knew about them, she wants to get even by marrying a young and tall bartender, Lincoln. As the court decision, each parent gets ten days to care for the child, but it does not fix anything. It’s just getting worse. The step-parent, Margo and Lincoln was the one that can ease us in this film, “You don’t deserve her.” Said Lincoln to Susanna when they were on their way to find a baby turtle in New York City. Lincoln’s is gentle and considerate, while Margo is sweet and kind. The presence of these two characters in Maisie’s life brings a smile to her face. These two ends up falling in love with each other is predicted.

“I love you; I love you so much,” This might be the only time love means nothing when we hear it. The love between a mother and a father to their children is just words. Nothing’s changes even at the end of these movies. We can see Maisie’s smile with a thousand feelings grounded inside her heart did not know what would happen next. She ran in the last scene to show that it is the only way to stop all this by keep running. We might not know What Maisie Knew, but we can feel it. Speechless!.

Are these movies worth your time? Absolutely. This time might be the only time we allowed you to be judgmental and condemned human behavior. “Prepare to hold your heart in your hand; if you don’t, it will fall into pieces.” Rating 87% by Rotten Tomatoes and 7.4/10 by IMDb is enough to say that this movie is a Must Watch movie of all time.

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